About Champagne Roads

Hello! My name is Alexandra Champagne and this is my travel blog. For the past few years I've been traveling as much as possible and daydreaming about the day where I would quit my job, start a blog and travel full-time. I finally took the plunge in January 2016, bought a drone and flew to Mexico to start my journey. Ever since, I have been traveling all over Latin America. Almost everywhere I go, I fly my drone. I found a real passion for aerial videography and I now focus all my travels around my videos.

When I started this whole journey I had no experience. I also had no idea that I would discover such a passion for drone piloting. Part of my travel experience now include planning and figuring out how I will film every new locations while trying to fly my drone in as many places as possible. I am so grateful to be working in countries where I get to be a pioneer in aerial videography and I am working really hard to bring as many different touristic locations from every country that I visit.  Follow me as I travel the world one video at a time.


XOXO, Alexandra Champagne^

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia
I'm like a bird  #hanggliding #interlaken #switzerland

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" -Lao Tzu   Blog >